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FIC: Expect The Unexpected 6

Title: Expect The Unexpected
Author: sasskitten
Rating: PG-N17
Fandom: Merlin: Modern Day
Pairing: Merlin/Arthur
Summary: Written for schmoop_bingo. Arthur is determined to find out why his best friend has been avoiding him and gets more than he bargained for.
Prompt: First Date
Disclaimer: Not mine, they belong to legend… and the BBC.

Part One| Part Two| Part Three| Part Four| Part Five|

Part Six

Merlin sat at the kitchen’s breakfast bar, up on one of the chrome and cream leather stools. It was already turning out to be a warm day and it was only eight in the morning. His slightly sweaty boxer shorts clad thighs stuck a bit to the leather as though in punishment for sitting on the skin of a dead cow.

Merlin had been a vegetarian ever since he was nine and the school had taken them on a trip to a farm. He had spent the entire time fawning over the piglets only for his mum to then serve sausage and mash that night for his dinner. He remembered he had screamed and ran up to his room, only coming out when his mum promised she wouldn’t ever make him eat meat again.

He had already been up for over an hour unable to lie beside Arthur any longer. He hadn’t had a very good night’s sleep, what with Arthur trying to force intimacy between them by spooning him and the conversation they had engaged in beforehand. He still wasn’t sure what had actually happened or what he had agreed to and he thought perhaps that had more to do with the reason he was sweating than the summer heat.

His laptop, an old and chunky thing that still ran fine as long as you didn’t use it for more than two hours at a time, lay open before him, his word document filled with information he had gathered on William Golding’s service during World War Two.

He had a class in two hours and he was hoping he could finish his draft and leave the flat before Arthur woke up; not sure if he was able to face him this morning. He wasn’t quite sure what was worse; if Arthur decided to take back what he had said last night, or if he didn’t.

A chat box pinged and flashed in the corner of his screen and he smiled when he saw the familiar screenname WILL_69_24/7.

WILL_69_24/7: All right m8? Ur up early.

WordWizzard: Will, you know I won’t talk to you when you pervert the Queen’s English like a chav!

WILL_69_24/7: *eyeroll* Why are you up then? I’ve not been to bed yet.

WordWizzard: No reason, I just wanted to get an early start.

WILL_69_24/7: Bull shit! You never get up early unless you have to. What’s up? Prince Prat’s not giving you trouble is he?

Merlin hadn’t so much as confided in Will about his feelings for Arthur, as Will had pointed it out to him. He was a bit of an idiot, but he was deceptively observant.

WordWizzard: Last night Arthur told me he wanted us to be together.

WILL_69_24/7: Shut the fuck up!!! I thought you had a date last night.

WordWizzard: I did, but Arthur kissed me in the bloke’s toilet and told me he wanted to be my boyfriend. Not because he’s gay or bi and secretly in love with me too, but because he thinks it’s the best way to save our friendship.

WILL_69_24/7: Fuck! I say go for it mate. You’ve been a right miserable cunt lately at least you’ll get your nob polished yeah? And it’s probably better to get your heart ripped out and mangled after giving it a go then because you were too much of a pussy to even try.

WordWizzard: It frightens me when you’re weird arse logic makes sense to me!

Merlin didn’t get a chance to see what Will’s reply was because he heard the toilet flush in the bathroom and quickly closed his laptop. He would be even more mortified if Arthur saw that he was talking to Will about all of this.

“Morning,” Arthur greeted him with an easy smile, scratching his bare stomach, most likely completely unaware of how gorgeous he looked with bed hair and wearing nothing but his shorts. Merlin could write sonnets about Arthur’s thighs alone. He played football with his mates once a week and went to the gym in his building for an hour or so every other day, so he was pretty fit.

Tearing his eyes away for the golden god before him Merlin slid off the stool and went to the coffee maker, switching it on for Arthur. “Morning. Sleep well?”

Arthur yawned and slid into Merlin’s now vacated seat. His hands automatically going to open the laptop to have a nose at what Merlin has been working on.

“No, don’t!” Merlin shouted as he tried to close the lid; but it was too late, judging by the raised eyebrows Arthur was sporting.

“Hmm. According to Will you should blow me in the shower when I wake up and show me what I’ve been missing,” Arthur informed him, his face deadly serious but his eyes dancing with mischief.

“Oh god,” Merlin groaned, laying his head on the counter beside the laptop. He heard Arthur’s soft snort before he felt his strong hand on his head, ruffling Merlin’s hair with gentle affection.

“Feeling a bit uncertain about the whole thing are you?” Arthur asked, looking at Merlin with sympathy as the dark haired man cautiously raised his head.

“How can you not be?” Merlin asked. He couldn’t help but be slightly annoyed at Arthur for thinking this was going to be as easy as pressing a button, but he also felt touched that Arthur was even willing to try for him.

Arthur just shrugged his beautifully broad shoulders and smirked. “I’m good at everything.”

Merlin blinked twice and shook his head. “You are such an arrogant prat.”

“So you keep telling me.” Arthur slid off the stool and peeked inside Merlin’s cup to see if it was anything worth stealing but given that it was cold he pulled a disgusted face and went to make his own. With his newly brewed coffee in hand he playfully patted Merlin on the bum as he went past.

“I’m going for a shower, I’d invite you to join me but we wouldn’t ever want to prove Will right now would we,” Arthur told him over his shoulder.

Merlin gapped after him before finally letting his head thud back down to the counter.


It hadn’t been a good day as far as Merlin was concerned. First there had been the cringingly embarrassing morning with Arthur, followed by the fact that he had snuck out of the flat before Arthur had finished his shower, not sure that he could face him. Then it turned out that in his haste for a quick getaway he had shut down his laptop without saving that morning’s work, meaning he hadn’t handed in his paper when it was due.

By the time evening came and he found himself standing outside Arthur’s front door, all he wanted to do was crawl into bed and start a fresh tomorrow. Of course, given that he was living with Arthur and sharing Arthur’s bed he didn’t see that happening any time soon. He really wasn’t ready to face Arthur right now but he didn’t see what other choice he had.

The sounds of David Bowie’s Wild Is The Wind filled the large space inside, as did the smell of his favourite dish from his favourite Chinese take away.

“What’s going on?” he asked Arthur, spotting the slightly older man in the kitchen, spooning out the contents of the plastic containers onto two plates.

“We’re having a date,” Arthur informed him cheerfully.

Merlin noticed that the lights had been dimmed and at the end of the breakfast bar was a small flickering tea light candle that Arthur no doubt kept in case of blackouts. Arthur had put one of the stools round the other side so that they would be facing each other. Merlin assumed it was the best improvisation of a table Arthur could muster on short notice.

“Aren’t people usually forewarned of such events?” Merlin asked, shrugging off his laptop bag and hanging it up on one of the coat pegs by the front door.

“Well I didn’t want you to have time to make up an excuse not to show up, given how you left this morning without even saying goodbye,” Arthur told him, his eyes slightly reprimanding despite the smile on his face. He placed two plates down on the counter and produced a bottle of the cheap wine Merlin liked and Arthur couldn’t stand.

Despite the awkwardness of the situation Merlin couldn’t help the smile that grew. Arthur was making such an effort to make him happy and all Merlin had done was run away, repeatedly.

“Looks good,” he finally said, taking the seat in front of the plate without meat. “Thanks”

Arthur grinned at him and raised his glass. “To me trying to be less of a prat and you trying to actually give this a chance.”

Merlin snorted and clinked his wine glass against Arthur’s. “Don’t be less of a prat, I might not love you so much,” he told Arthur in a soft voice, cheeks already flushing.

Arthur beamed and gently kicked Merlin’s leg under the counter. “Awww, you say the sweetest things.”

“Shut up and eat your Mu Shu.”


Later that evening, once the dishes had been washed (by hand as Merlin’s conscience wouldn’t let him use the dish washer, thank you very much global warming) and the wine had given them both a nice relaxed buzz, they sat side by side on the sofa watching an old episode of Changing Rooms where neighbours swapped houses and redecorated for them.

Arthur was sprawled carelessly against the plush cushions and Merlin had his feet up on the coffee table. It was the most relaxed either of them had felt since Merlin declared his love for the blonde.

“She’s going to hate that,” Arthur said gleefully, pointing to the fuchsia bedroom one of the women had chosen. It was always best when they ended up fighting over it.

Merlin smiled in agreement and didn’t even think before leaning further across so that his side was resting against Arthur’s leg. He had been so tense lately, so worried that someone would find out about his feelings or that once Arthur knew he would be uncomfortable with accidental touches.

They watched in a comfortable silence as the woman on the telly broke down crying and shouted at her neighbour over the hideous bedroom. Merlin laughed and turned to look at Arthur, expecting to find the same reaction.

Arthur, however, wasn’t even looking at the telly; he was watching Merlin and apparently had been for some time. A feeling of excited nerves flooded Merlin’s body and he froze as Arthur’s hand came to cup the side of his face.

“You’re actually quite beautiful. I hadn’t noticed before,” he said softly and a little bit surprised by his own findings. His words and his touch sent a fire down to Merlin’s groin and he licked his suddenly dry lips, drawing Arthur’s curious gaze to their wet fullness.

With moves that only come with great confidence and practice, Arthur swooped in easily, his hand still cupping Merlin’s face, and brought their lips together.

The kiss was nothing like their first, full of anger and desperation. This kiss was soft and slow, creating a warm glow deep inside Merlin who had no choice but to deepen it or risk feeling like he was going to die.

Arthur made a surprised sound when Merlin’s tongue made contact with his own and Merlin felt Arthur’s other hand come up to hold his waist.

It was a bit like having a gnat bite. The itch was slow building and intense and once he was finally able to scratch it he couldn’t stop; it just felt too good.

Not really sure where his new found courage was coming from, though he expected a healthy amount if it was down to the wine, Merlin pushed Arthur down onto his back, his own body quickly moving to cover Arthur’s, never once breaking the kiss.

Arthur groaned as their denim clad cocks brushed and Merlin whined deep in his throat, kissing Arthur like he would never get another chance to and rubbing against him in a desperate and dirty way.

The hisses and gasps that he drew from Arthur’s mouth were greedily swallowed by his own. He was relentless in his pursuit to take anything and everything Arthur was willing to give, not knowing if he would ever be given the chance again.

He ground his dick hard against Arthur’s, his hips bucking and humping. Below him, Arthur’s body tensed and convulsed; his hands tightening on Merlin’s waist and hair. A muffled plea against Merlin’s lips telling him that Arthur had cum.

It was all too much and yet not nearly enough. He wanted to cum but he also wanted it to go on forever. If the sensations alone hadn’t been enough to push him over the edge then knowing that he had just made Arthur Pendragon cream his jeans certainly did.

Arthur held his body tightly while they both came down from the orgasmic high, gasping for air against the sides of each other’s faces.

After a while Merlin shifted, pushing himself up into a sitting position to look nervously down at Arthur. He wasn’t sure if he had crossed a line, pushed Arthur too far too quickly, but the blissed out smile on Arthur’s face soon reassured him.

“Bloody hell, I thought you were going to be all shy and make me coax you into this,” Arthur told him, lifting himself up on his elbows. “I was all prepared to come across as an evil villain trying to seduce you and steal your virtue.”

Merlin shrugged, his cheeks flushed and his lips swollen. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to… attack you like that.”

Arthur grinned at him and shrugged. “I understand, it must be hard keeping your hands off this,” he said, motioning towards his body.

Merlin rolled his eyes but he couldn’t deny how right Arthur was. He watched as his… boyfriend-yes, boyfriend-maybe, got up off the sofa and began unbuttoning he wet jeans.

“Time for another shower I think.”

Merlin watched Arthur do an impromptu, unknowing striptease, balling all of his clothes up, including his boxer shorts, leaving him completely naked, his spent cock still a little hard.

“Oh god,” Merlin breathed, unable to take his eyes away.

Arthur just shot him one of his patented cocky grins and a wink before heading for the bathroom. Once he was out of sight Merlin let out a breath he hadn’t known he was holding and fell back against the sofa cushions.

“Well?” Came Arthur’s voice from across the room. Merlin turned to see him standing in the doorway of the bathroom. “Are you coming or what?”

Merlin gulped and froze for a few seconds before quickly getting to his feet and yanking his t-shirt off over his head. Of course, Merlin being Merlin, he tripped over his own feet (jeans half way down his thighs) on his way to the bathroom and fell flat on his face.


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