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FIC: Expect The Unexpected 10 - Completed

Title: Expect The Unexpected
Author: sasskitten
Rating: NC-17
Fandom: Merlin: Modern Day
Pairing: Merlin/Arthur
Warnings: Um molestation of a sleeping person? And dirty talking. Oh and sex. But that’s it.
Summary: Arthur is determined to find out why his best friend has been avoiding him and gets more than he bargained for.
Disclaimer: Not mine, they belong to legend… and the BBC.

Part One| Part Two| Part Three| Part Four| Part Five| Part Six | Part Seven | Part Eight | Part Nine


Part Ten

Morgana LeFay had a very distinctive knock. Everything about the woman oozed confidence and power; the way she walked, the way she held herself, the way she stared down anyone stupid enough to mess with her or someone that she loved. Morgana would have punched Arthur in the face if he ever said so out loud, but he saw a lot of Uther’s influence in his step-sister.

So when there was a knock on his front door, sharp and resolute it could only belong to one of two people, and Uther had never been to Arthur’s flat before.

He sighed as he hoisted himself up from his sofa where he had been sat in a depressive slump since getting back. He knew he was in for an ear lashing; a berating lecture about how precious Merlin was and how insensitive Arthur was, but he would force himself to stand there and take it all if it meant she would help him win over Merlin.

He doubted he had ever been more stunned in his entire life when upon opening the door Morgana simply held her arms out in a come here you poor lamb kind of way.

Arthur walked into the circle of his sister’s arms cautiously, half expecting it to be a trick to lure him into a sense of false security. He blanched himself for the clip around the back of his head but it never came, instead Morgana wrapped her arms around his shoulders and patted his back gently.

“So, what have you done this time?”

With a groan, Arthur pulled back from his step-sister and stepped into the kitchen area to switch on the coffee maker. “Before you automatically take Merlin’s side, which I know everyone always does because he’s so bloody adorable, just hear me out, okay?”

Morgana smiled at him and slid her slender body onto one of the bar stools, tossing what Arthur assumed was his costume for the ball over another stool. “I’m here aren’t I?”

Leaning back against the counter, ignoring the slightly uncomfortable heat coming from the coffee maker, Arthur crossed his arms over his broad chest, preparing himself.

“Well first of all, this morning was probably the best morning of my life. You’re a lesbian so you’d probably be grossed out by the details, so I’ll spare you those but I’m sure you can use your imagination.”

Morgana nodded her head slowly. “You fucked him,” she surmised.

“What? No! God no. Not that, just other stuff,” Arthur pointed out, very aware of the flush that had invaded his cheeks.

Morgana, tilted her head to one side, like a dog trying to work out what its master was saying. “Why do you sound so disturbed that someone might think you were having anal sex with your boyfriend?”

“Argh.” Arthur’s hand shot to either side of his head to cover his ears. “For the love of god, Morgana, please never say the word anal to me again.”

With a smirk and a shake of her head Morgana held up her hands. “Fine, sorry, I won’t interrupt again, just skip to the part where you screwed it all up.”

“Oh nice, thanks. So much for hearing me out before deciding that it’s all my fault,” Arthur pointed out, turning to pour the now boiling hot coffee into a mug for his sister.

He passed it to her along with the soy milk from the fridge. They had run out of regular milk that morning and Merlin didn’t fare well on too much dairy, that coupled with his many allergies meant that Arthur’s fridge looked very different these days. It made his chest feel tight to think about Merlin’s weird cardboard looking fake bacon no longer sitting in his fridge.

He watched as Morgana poured in her milk and rubbed at his chest to try and loosen the ache that had developed there.

“Arthur, we only have a few hours before we need to start getting ready for the ball so I suggest you get a move on,” Morgana scolded him, her left eyebrow arching high with impatience.

“Fine, we went to a coffee shop, there was a waitress there,”

“Really? There was a waitress in a coffee shop, that’s practically unheard of,” Morgana interrupted with a smirk.

“Okay, why I didn’t call Gwen to help I’ve no idea. If you’re going to keep interrupting me then,” Arthur cut himself off, knowing there wasn’t really anything he could threaten Morgana with that wouldn’t just make her laugh in his face.

“Oh unbunch your knickers,” Morgana teased him, taking a sip of her coffee. “I’m all ears.”

“The waitress gave me her phone number and Merlin saw. Now before you start shouting at me I promise you I was never going to call her, I just thought it was the polite thing to do. When I was with Sophia people were always giving me there number, it’s just easier to take them and then throw them away,” Arthur stopped and looked at his sister, waiting for her to start yelling.

“Of course you weren’t going to call her,” was all she finally said.

“Wait, does that mean… are you actually on my side?” Arthur asked incredulously.

Smirking Morgana slid off her stool and came to stand beside Arthur, resting her hand on his arm. “Arthur I think I know more about your feelings for Merlin than you do yourself.”

Arthur frowned at his sister. “What does that mean?”

“It means, you giant idiot, that you have been in love with Merlin from the very beginning,” she pointed out in frustration, as though talking to a child. “I mean really, how stupid do you have to be to not even realize you’re in love?”

“I’m not… I mean I don’t… of course I love him, he’s my best mate, and well yes I suppose he’s always meant more to me than any other friend ever has, but I wouldn’t say I’m in love with him. I mean I’m not even really gay,” Arthur began explaining.

Morgana just sat back down and waited patiently for him to reach the conclusion on his own. She simply stared at him until he continued talking.

“I mean I suppose he is kind of beautiful, for a man. Well, no, not for a man, he’s just beautiful. But just because I think a man is beautiful, despite those ridiculous ears… well, no, I actually love his ears, they’re pretty cute, but that doesn’t make me gay,” Arthur insisted.

Morgana just smiled at him sweetly. “Who said anything about being gay? You can fall in love with someone because of who they are, it doesn’t matter what they’ve got between their legs.”

“Well, yes but…” he cut himself off and rubbed at his chest again. It was beginning to feel really tight; he hoped there was nothing wrong with him. He thought again about his fridge and how empty it had been before Merlin moved in, and if that wasn’t a metaphor for Arthur’s life then he didn’t know what was.

“I mean of course I want to hug him a lot whereas I don’t with my other friends, but that’s just Merlin, he brings that out in people. And I mean I do want to be with him because… well I mean at first it was so I didn’t lose him but… well I suppose I quite like it now. The sex is amazing and I like that he belongs to me and he’s a really good kisser and I love sleeping with my face pushed into his neck… oh fuck! I’m in love with Merlin!”

Morgana let out the breath she had been holding and slowly clapped her hands together. “Got there in the end didn’t you, well done.”

“Oh my god. I have to tell Merlin, then he won’t get upset over pretty waitresses anymore,” Arthur pointed out with a smile on his lips. He felt a little light headed; it was how he imagined great scientists felt upon reaching a conclusion about how the universe worked.

“Okay, slow down,” Morgana told him, getting up to grab the phone away before Arthur could get it. “If you tell Merlin you love him like this, over the phone, then he will think you’re just saying it to make it up to him.”

Morgana was right; Merlin did have some low self-esteem when it came to himself and their relationship.

“Okay then relationship Yoda, what do I do?” Arthur asked.

Morgana smirked again, this time a little evilly. “Don’t worry, I have a plan.”


Merlin had been a little worried about looking like an idiot when Morgana showed him the costume she had made him. Although she had done an amazing job, as always, he wasn’t too sure about the big gold embroidered dragon on his chest. Morgana had flashed him one of her patented smirks and told him that it was whimsical and to stop complaining, promising him it would be worth it.

He felt a bit better about what had happened at the coffee shop, after having talked it over with Gwen. He knew it was his own insecurities that had made him run off like that. It was a self-fulfilling prophecy really; Merlin believed he was going to end up losing Arthur so he pushed him away.

When he saw Arthur tonight he was just going to go up to him, apologise, tell him that he trusted him and hope that he would get to keep Arthur just a bit longer. He wasn’t ready to let him go yet, though he doubted her ever would be.

A limousine had picked them up from the girls’ house. Morgana had booked it and couldn’t take her eyes off Gwen as she squealed excitedly at seeing it pull up. Both women looked unnaturally beautiful. Gwen with her long dark curls framing her pretty face wore a long purple and blue dress made from a filmy, gauze like material. It made her look like an ethereal princess. As for Morgana, well she was quite possibly the most stunning woman Merlin had ever seen. Her halterneck red wine coloured full length silk dress had a golden leaf belt around the middle and her pale skin seemed almost transparent. Her dark hair was piled up on top of her head with a long tendrils artfully spilling out.

Merlin’s costume was a lot simpler, but then given that Morgana had only a day to make it he was more than happy with it, if not feeling a little silly. He wore a blue medieval looking shirt with a red tunic over the top, finished off with the golden dragon.

He had given in to nerves in the limo and downed a flute of the champagne Morgana was handing out.

When they pulled up to the hotel, which was just outside of London, Merlin and Gwen both gasped. Despite this being Gwen’s second year she was still clearly overwhelmed. To say the hotel was grand would be an understatement.


There was a long white satin tent leading up to the entrance. It was filled with fairy lights and foliage twisted around the support beams. The hallway that led from the entrance to the ballroom was similar to the canopy outside but this one was black with an arch made of silver branches and yet more fairy lights.

Merlin felt a theme coming on; it was probably not the last he was going to see of fairy lights this evening. Behind him Gwen giggled excitedly and both he and Morgana found it infectious. The man-made tunnel opened out into an indoor courtyard complete with a pond and a fountain. It felt a bit like being on a movie set because if Merlin hadn’t known better, or if he hadn’t looked up at the ceiling, he would have believed he was outside.

“This is amazing,” he whispered in awe.

“There are two rooms off this courtyard. On your right is the ballroom, I’m hoping I don’t need to explain to you what happens there,” she told Merlin with a wink. “And on your left is the banquet hall where we will be called for dinner later.”

Feeling his palms begin to sweat a bit Merlin rubbed them down the side of his trousers. “I think I’m going to need another drink.”

Morgana took Gwen’s hand in one of hers and Merlin’s in the other. “I couldn’t agree with you more.”


They had already been there for a half hour and so far there was no sign of Arthur. Morgana and Gwen were twirling each other around the dance floor, seemingly having the time of their lives, which left him standing along on the sidelines, trying not to be noticed by anyone. He played through his head how it would go when Arthur finally showed up. He would ask Arthur to go with him outside and tell him he was sorry for not trusting him and for possibly over reacting and then hopefully Arthur wouldn’t tell him they should probably just remain as friends. He felt his heart stutter and he downed what little was left of his drink.

Merlin had seen a picture of Uther Pendragon every time he entered the building where Arthur worked. There were pictures of all the top employees hanging in the lobby so although Merlin had never actually met the man he knew what he looked like. So when he glanced up and saw the man behind the myth (he had heard some seriously scary stories from Arthur and Morgana over the last year) coming toward him he let out a, hopefully, inaudible squeak. The man was wearing black leather and looked like an evil baron from a Robin Hood story.

“Hello,” Uther began, holding out his hand. “Uther Pendragon, I don’t believe we’ve met.”

“Um, Merlin Emrys. Nice to meet you, sir.”

“Ahh, Arthur’s friend. I suppose that explains it a little,” Uther said, his eyes darting to Merlin’s chest.

“Explains what?” Merlin asked, looking down to see if he had spilt some champagne down his costume.

“Why you have my family crest emblazed upon your chest,” Uther pointed out, one eyebrow rising in a manner far too similar to Morgana. “Though I don’t see my son here yet, I suppose that girl he’s been dating is holding them up.”

“Uh,” Merlin began but then thought better of it. If Arthur hadn’t informed his dad that he and Sophia were no longer together then Merlin wasn’t about to out him, so to speak.

“Yes?” Uther asked impatiently.

“I’m his plus one tonight, we’re meeting here.”

“I see,” Uther said as though he really did see which again terrified Merlin.

“Might I assume that silly girl is no longer in my son’s life?”

“Um, yes,” Merlin answered, wishing he had more champagne left because his throat was feeling very dry. “He asked me because… well we’re friends.”

Uther stared at him hard for a moment before glancing behind him and smiling slightly. “Ahh, here he is now.”

Merlin turned and saw Arthur, dressed in black trousers tucked into black boots with a red shirt opened at the chest. He looked like a sexy pirate from the front cover of one of his mum’s romance novels. His mouth was no longer dry as it flooded with saliva. He quickly swallowed so as not to drool.

“Arthur,” he began but was cut off as Arthur strode right over to him, seemingly ignoring his father and pulled Merlin into his arms, flush against his chest before swooping in to kiss him on the mouth, right where everyone could see.

Merlin tensed for just a moment before giving into the wonderful sensation that he was Arthur’s and Arthur was his and apparently there was no need to talk about earlier as all seemed to be forgiven. Arthur kissed him tenderly, his hands stroking his back and hair. When he slowly pulled away, Arthur’s eyes were dark and full of affection.

“I am so in love with you,” Arthur told him softly. The simple declaration made Merlin’s legs feel suddenly weak and had Arthur’s arms not still been around him he might have crumpled. “I’m sorry I didn’t realize it before.”

An impatient cough from the side pulled their attention off of each other and they both turned to look at Uther. Merlin worried that perhaps Arthur hadn’t seen his father was there but Arthur’s arm around him was sure and steady and he saw his boyfriend smile at his father pleasantly.

“Ah, father, good to see you. May I introduce you to Merlin, my boyfriend,” Arthur announced proudly. “I’m sure you have a lot you wish to say on the matter but right now I’d like to dance with my date if you don’t mind.”

Arthur slipped his hand into Merlin’s and began to lead him over to the dance floor when Uther’s hand on Arthur’s arm stilled them. “Just a moment.”

Uther stared at them both hard and Merlin wanted to step behind Arthur and hide but Arthur just stood strong, waiting patiently for his father to have his say.

“The Pendragon line must continue. So this is how it is going to happen. You,” he said to Arthur, “Will use your sperm to artificially inseminate Guinevere. Then later, you,” he said now nodding to Merlin, “Will artificially inseminate Morgana. That way the family line stays intact and you won’t need to rely on surrogates and strangers. The four of you are so close I assume raising children together shouldn’t be an issue.”

Merlin gapped at Uther. Of all the things he had expected to come out of the man’s mouth that certainly hadn’t been one of them. Arthur’s hand just tightened on Merlin’s.

“Fine,” Arthur finally said. “But not for another several years.”

“Agreed,” Uther finally said after thinking it over. Merlin watched dumbfounded as Arthur shook on it with his father as though they were making a business deal. “Merlin,” Uther nodded to Merlin before turning and leaving.

“That was the weirdest, most terrifying thing that’s ever happened to me,” Merlin told Arthur as he was finally led onto the dance floor.

Arthur just smirked and shrugged. “That’s how we are, welcome to the family.”

“Um, thanks?”

Arthur chuckled and pulled Merlin against him, pushing his face into Merlin’s neck and taking a long sniff. Their arms wound around each other and they began to sway to the music. “Don’t you see though? My father has accepted our relationship and he can tell that we’re really serious about each other, or he wouldn’t have said all that.”

“So your father using us like stud horses was a good thing?” Merlin asked, his cheek warm against Arthur’s.

Arthur’s arms tightened around him and Merlin felt his hum of affirmation. Merlin looked up to see if he could spot Morgana and Gwen amongst the dancing couples but found that nearly every set of eyes in the room were on them. He suddenly remembered just who he was dancing with, the heir to the Pendragon fortune.

“Everyone is staring at us,” he whispered.

He felt Arthur’s smile against his neck. “Well, I just so happen to have booked a suite upstairs, if you wanted to slip away.”

Instantly Merlin went from nervous and worried to horny. With an eager smile on his face Merlin pulled away enough to look into his boyfriend’s face. “Lead the way.”


Arthur kicked the hotel suite door shut behind him. He felt a wave of nerves go through him as he watched Merlin look around. He had grossly overpaid for the penthouse suite because it had already been booked, but Arthur had felt the need to slow Merlin that he deserved the best.

“Wow,” Merlin breathed as he looked out of the large window at the city lights in the distance. “It’s beautiful.”

Arthur slid up behind him and placed a kiss just below one of Merlin’s ears. “I packed us a bag and put a change of clothes in it for you.

A little breathlessly, Merlin tilted his head to one side to give Arthur’s lips better access. “That was forward thinking of you.”

“I really do love you, you know. I realize I’ve been a bit of an idiot in only just realizing how much, but you’ve always been special to me,” Arthur whispered, his arms wrapping around Merlin’s middle. “Please tell me you believe me.”

With a serene smile on his face Merlin turned in the circle of Arthur’s arms and kissed him softly on the lips. “You just announced that in front of your father, your work colleagues and around a hundred strangers. Yes, Arthur, I believe you.”

Arthur smiled back at him and leaned in for another kiss, this time longer and deeper. “I want you,” he whispered against Merlin’s mouth, making the younger man groan.

“I can tell,” Merlin sighed happily at the feel of Arthur’s erection against his thigh. He leaned forward and kissed the exposed chest in front of him.

“Morgana’s a pervert,” Arthur said as he stroked Merlin’s hair.

“I’m kissing your chest and you’re talking about your sister? I think you might be the pervert,” Merlin told him cheekily.

Arthur rolled his eyes and pulled his shirt off, exposing his well formed chest to Merlin’s hungry eyes. “She branded you for me,” he pointed out, his hand running over the Pendragon crest. “Somehow she knows about my…”

“Your what?”

Arthur coughed, clearly a little embarrassed. “I suppose I have a bit of a thing about branding you as mine.”

Merlin’s eyebrows rose in amusement but his eyes darkened at the thought. He slowly tilted his head again, exposing his long neck to Arthur. “So brand me.”

Arthur groaned loudly and pulled Merlin’s body flush against his before sliding his lips over the smooth skin being offered to him. He nibbled gently before sucking hard; loving the idea that Merlin would be walking around college Monday morning with a love bite that told everyone he was taken.

Getting a little impatient Merlin began divesting them both of their remaining clothes while walking them slowly backward over to the bed, all the while with Arthur’s lips still firmly attached to his neck.

Eventually Arthur had to pull off Merlin’s neck so that Merlin could yank off his own shirt. Falling backwards onto the bed their lips met and Arthur rolled Merlin under him, his tongue fucking the younger man’s mouth.

“What do you want me to do?” Arthur asked breathlessly, his hand encircling Merlin’s already rock hard cock. “Do you want me to suck you?”

Merlin didn’t respond for a moment and when Arthur pulled back to look into his face he saw that Merlin was biting on this lower lip, something he often did when he was feeling nervous.

“Hey, I’ll do anything you want,” Arthur assured him.

“Would you… would you mind fucking me?” Merlin asked in a soft and unsure voice.

Arthur had to bury his face back in Merlin’s neck so as not to laugh. “Merlin, you ask me that like it’s some horrible chore. I’d love to,” he breathed, going in for another kiss while letting his fingers slide down over Merlin’s balls. “We need something though.”

Merlin watched as Arthur leapt off the bed and hurriedly, as hurriedly as one can with a raging hardon, make his way to the bathroom. He returned holding a small jar. “Coco body butter. It’s the best I could find.”

Merlin smiled at him. “We’re both going to end up getting hard every time we smell chocolate from now on.”

Arthur grinned and crawled back onto the bed. “Right, how do we do this?”

Merlin looked panicked for a second. “I don’t know, I’ve never done this either remember.”

Arthur nodded and after giving it some thought he grabbed one of the pillows from the head of the bed and placed it under Merlin’s bum, lifting his hips up just enough for Arthur to be able to see what he was doing. He opened the jar and smelled the body butter inside. It smelled good and he generously coated his fingers.

“Housekeeping are going to love us,” he commented, trying not to cover the pillow as he brought his hand down to Merlin’s arse.

“This is a little weird isn’t it,” Merlin pointed out, feeling quite exposed.

Arthur smiled down at his reassuringly and placed a kiss on the inside of his thigh, making Merlin squirm. “Just relax, let me get you stretched. And if it hurts too much, even for a second, you tell me right away, okay?”

Merlin nodded and tried to slow his breathing in an effort to relax. He felt Arthur’s fingers suddenly dip into the crease of his arse and jumped at the cold body butter. He soon felt anything but cold however when one of Arthur’s digits began circling his hole, pushing gently, trying to coax the ring of muscle to relax and let him in.

“How does it feel so far?” Arthur asked, his voice breathy.

“Pretty good,” Merlin told him. “Just push it in already would you? The longer you take the more nervous I’m getting.”

Arthur flashed him an apologetic smile and fairly easily slid one of his fingers into Merlin’s tight passage. They both groaned as the walls stretched and then tightened around Arthur’s finger. Arthur wiggled it about a bit before sliding it nearly all the way out and then pushing it back in again.

Merlin moaned and licked his lips. “That feels really good.”

Feeling a little surer of himself, Arthur added another finger and began scissoring them to try and widen the entrance. After a while, and encouraged by the way Merlin was panting and twisting his hands in the covers, Arthur withdrew his fingers to a throaty whine from Merlin.

“Don’t worry,” Arthur smirked as he slathered his cock with the body butter, groaning as he pumped it a few times in his fist. “Something better is on its way.”

He braced himself on his hands over Merlin’s shoulders and leaned in for a quick kiss before reaching down for his cock to guide it to Merlin’s entrance.

“Remember, the second it starts to hurt you tell me and I’ll stop,” Arthur promised.

Merlin nodded franticly. “Yes I know, just put it in me already.”

Arthur’s dick twitched in his hand at the order and he pushed the tip against the muscles, finding less resistance than he thought. He pushed until the head was encased within Merlin’s body and looked down into his boyfriend’s face to see his eyes screwed tightly shut.

“It hurts doesn’t it?” He asked worriedly.

“A bit, but it’s bearable,” Merlin told him taking another deep breath and opening his eyes again. “keep going.”

Arthur was filled with trepidation. He really didn’t want to hurt Merlin but it felt so good to be buried inside him that instead of insisting they stop he carried on. Once fully sheathed Arthur stilled and kissed Merlin languidly, his hand reaching between them to stroke Merlin’s cock.

“Oh god,” Merlin breathed against his mouth. “Move, fuck me.”

Arthur groaned loudly and began pumping his hips, sliding his cock in and out of Merlin’s tight hole. With each thrust it felt like he got deeper and deeper and when Merlin cried out, his inner muscles clamping down around Arthur, he knew he must have touched his prostate.

Remembering the angle he had just thrust at he did it again and again, making sure to strike the little gland every time.

Merlin had been reduced to a writhing, whimpering mess beneath him and it was the singularly hottest thing Arthur had ever seen.

“God, you’re gorgeous,” he moaned, his face nuzzling Merlin’s as he continued to thrust into the delicious tight heat.

“Harder,” Merlin managed to beg, his hands coming down to grip Arthur’s arse cheeks as he attempted to pull him deeper still.

“Fuck, Merlin.” Arthur sped up his thrusts and felt Merlin’s fingernails dig into his flesh as a warm splash coated his stomach and the sexiest cry he had ever heard echoed through his ears.

Merlin panted under him, his spent cock twitching between them and his arse clenching tightly around Arthur’s dick.

“Oh god,” Arthur groaned, now fucking with abandon, wanting to spill his seed deep in Merlin’s body and brand him all over again. He cried out as he shot his load, continuing to pump until every last drop had been wrung out.

He collapsed on top of Merlin who lovingly stroked his hair. They lay together, still joined in the most intimate of ways, their limbs entangled, enjoying the afterglow.

“We’re doing that every single day from now on,” Merlin eventually stated, breaking the silence.

Arthur chuckled giddily against Merlin’s throat, pleased that he could already see a pink bruise beginning to form. “You’re damn right we are. Did I mention this room has a Jacuzzi?”

“Jacuzzi sex sounds like fun, but can we wait until my arse no longer feels like it just got the pounding of its life?” Merlin asked, grinning up at him happily.

Arthur smirked and leaned in for a chaste kiss. “Who says you’ll be the one taking a pounding, why should you get to have all the fun.”

With a groan Merlin pulled Arthur’s head down to his to kiss him again desperately, his cock already springing back to life from the implication of Arthur’s words.

The End

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